NVIDIA Canvas: AI-Powered Landscape Painting Tool

NVIDIA Canvas is a creative tool that uses AI to transform simple brushstrokes into realistic landscape images. It allows artists to quickly create backgrounds and explore concepts, enabling them to spend more time visualizing their ideas. The software is available as a beta download (version 1.4) for Windows 10 and requires an NVIDIA GeForce RTX, NVIDIA RTX, or TITAN RTX GPU.

Transform Your Art with NVIDIA Canvas: AI-Powered Landscapes

Canvas leverages the power of AI to automatically generate detailed images based on simple shapes and lines drawn using real-world materials like grass or clouds. It provides a variety of styles and materials to customize the image and supports painting on different layers. Users can start from scratch or use sample scenes for inspiration.

The software also supports 360° panoramas, enabling artists to create wraparound environments and export them as equirectangular environment maps for use in 3D applications. Images can be exported to formats like PSD or EXR for further editing in tools like Adobe Photoshop, NVIDIA Omniverse USD Composer, Blender, and more.

To use NVIDIA Canvas, users simply need to download, install, and start creating. The system requirements include 4 GB of RAM for Standard mode and 6 GB for Panorama mode, as well as an NVIDIA GPU driver version 522.06 or later.

Relevant Video About NVIDIA Canvas